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Giuseppe Armani - The Artist

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It was in 1935 that Giuseppe Armani was born. The city was Calci in Italy. He was also known as “Bebe” and ever since he could pick up the pencil, he began drawing. He would draw all day long, everything that he saw and everyone whom he knew. Armani's parents were mightily amazed at his talent. They realized that their little child’s sketches were beyond the mere whimsical drawings of most kids. His art had a unique attention to detail and an uncanny realism. In other words, he had The Gift.

Giuseppe's teachers made the decision that Armani should attend the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. But when the arrangements were underway, unfortunately his father died all of a sudden.  The family now needed Giuseppe more than ever. So, all plans of the art school were buried. Guiseppe’s art, however, remained as alive as ever. When a local priest arranged an exhibition of young artists, Giuseppe’s entry was the sculpture of a classically inspired male torso. It was greatly appreciated for the amazing anatomical precision. This led to Armani's natural talent being finally recognized. When the torso was carried over to the Art Gallery in Pisa, which was across the street from the reputed Leaning Tower, Giuseppe’s art received the ultimate award – the offer of a permanent job.  

In Pisa, the artist’s dream of studying art finally came to fruition. He explored the great masterpieces of the Renaissance.  He realized that sculpture permitted him to work in three dimensions. He endowed his sculptures with life, character and soul. Giuseppe also experimented in clay, wood, marble and alabaster and his fame grew with each mind-blowing creation.

Giuseppe Armani stated his credo in the following words: “Although I consider myself a direct descendant of the Renaissance heritage, as glorious as it may have been. An artist conducts a search that may lead him far out in exploring new areas of interest. I continually search to discover new and better means of expression.”